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Energy:  A Textbook

A Primer on Renewable Energy

A Primer on CO2 and Climate, Second Edition

Bass Ackwards: How Climate Alarmists Confuse Cause with Effect

CO2, Global Warming, and Coral Reefs: Prospects for the Future

CO2, Global Warming and Species Extinction

 A Promenade Along Electrodynamics

And we have a limited supply of Golem Press books at

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(The Worse the Models, the More Confident the IPCC Becomes! )

DOWNLOAD_Letter to Physics Today
(A challenge to "climate scientists" to do the obvious, a task they have not undertaken.  You can do it!)

(Conference paper analyzing temperature and CO2 data.  A bit technical.)

(Interesting Data and Calculations)

(Wanna buy a bridge?)


DOWNLOAD: Scientific American Sokalized

DOWNLOAD  A Conspectus on US Energy
(PowerPoint Presentation at April 2009 Meeting of American Physical Society)

DOWNLOAD  Comments on Proposed Endangerment Finding
(Letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Aug 27, 2009)

DOWNLOAD  APS Appeals to Authority
(American Physical Society does no homework)

DOWNLOAD  Letter to Holdren with signatories
(The need for nuclear energy)

DOWNLOAD  Notes on a Recent Debate
(The Heat on Top of the Blanket)


DOWNLOAD  The CO2 Climate Relationship
(A tutorial)


DOWNLOAD  The Magic of Climate Science
(A slight heresy)


DOWNLOAD  Climate Constraint Equation
Rejected by AJP in record 17 nanoseconds


DOWNLOAD  Short Simple Climate Physics Lesson #1
Planetary Energy Balance


DOWNLOAD  Short Simple Climate Physics Lesson #2
After 3 decades, IPCC learns how to subtract


DOWNLOAD  Short Simple Climate Physics Lesson #3
IPCC does not understand IR to space


DOWNLOAD  Short Simple Climate Physics Lesson #4
All models must be able to balance the Climate Constraint Equation


DOWNLOAD  Short Simple Climate Physics Lesson #5
IPCC does not account for all the energy


DOWNLOAD  Short Simple Climate Physics Lesson #6
Climate Constraint Equation: graphical version


DOWNLOAD  Short Simple Climate Physics Lesson #7
IPCC Proves that they do not understand the conservation of energy


DOWNLOAD  Short Simple Climate Physics Lesson #8
The Role of the Lapse Rate


In addition to the newsletter, we maintain this website of information
that we hope will be useful to the interested public.

Energy Values Solar Intensity Batteries
Fuels Windmills Governance
Why Use SI Units? Dams, Hydropower Constitution Expert Clinton Evades Constitution
Conversion Factors Firewood Japanese Nuclear Accident

NY Times Readers Dying Like Flies (big .pdf file)

   C&E News & Plutonium Sources of US Energy
  Windmills & Windbags: Letter to The Denver Post   How dinosaurs disappeared    Is there a windmill in your future?
   Phony Statistics and Incorrect Numbers: Letter to The Economist    Big Wind Turbines  

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