How the Dinosaurs Disappeared (revised)


The merits of conservation

Deeeeeeeeep analysis

Hi Emeritus 

"We encourage conservation, but do not regard it as a source of energy.  (Is dieting a source of nutrition?)"

 No but it is a source of saving money, health, waste, and resources if you do need to diet.  Your comparison only works if you don't need to diet - our energy habits do.

I would expect a little deeper analysis than this from an "emeritus".  It does give me a glimpse of where your paycheck and peer group come from however.

 "We encourage conservation (Who doesn't?) However, we battle the charlatans who tell us that conservation is a source of energy.  "

If the first part of this is true, I must wonder why you would then take such mighty execption to a different way of looking at things.  I can tell you lots of people who don't favour conservation.  In fact I do battle with them all the time - I'd like to leave a little for my kids.  Most of these folks only favour conservation of their pocket books and stock shares.
Etc.  ..  I find the archaic attitude experessed by your site rather frightening in the year 2001.  Makes one want to believe that the dinosaurs really did become extinct over a very short time space.


Ah, it wasn't a meteor after all!  The dinosaurs forgot to turn off their lights when they left the room!



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