Why Johnny Hates Nukes

Excerpted from December 2000 issue

Teachers Video Company
    Anti-nuclear Propagandist

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Teacher's Video Company in Scottsdale, Arizona gives nine reasons why teachers choose their company.  They could honestly claim a tenth that they're the biggest propagandist this side of Washington.  

The company offers ten videos under the misnamed head-ing Nuclear Science.  The titles are War Games, China Syn-drome (starring Hanoi Jane as journalist-turned-scientist), Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (from ABC News), Enola Gay, Chernobyl Plant: the Aftermath, Tahiti: Fire Waters, Doomsday Plan, Meltdown at Three Mile Island, Atomic Journeys (a tour of bomb test sites), and J. Robert Oppenheimer: Father of the Atomic Bomb.  That's the entire list, and they call it Nuclear Science.

One would like to think that a company specializing in educational videos would have information on radioactivity, isotopes, transmutation, energy deficit, accelerator experiments, fission, fusion, uses of isotopes in medicine and other fields, age-dating, power generation, cancer treatments, and food preservation.  But Teacher's Video Company prefers leftist propaganda to honest science.


Excerpted from November, 1997 The Energy Advocate
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