Clinton Tries to Understand Energy

Clinton's State of the Union Address In his State of the Union address, Bill Clinton assured us that global warming is "the greatest environmental challenge of the new century."  He went on to assure us that he has some unspecified magic to solve the (alleged) problem: "Many people in the United States and around the world still believe we can't cut greenhouse gas pollution without slowing economic growth. In the Industrial Age that may have been true.  In the digital economy, it isn't."  There you have it.  We can get energy from our transistors.

Clinton said: "Before you know it, efficient production of biofuels will give us the equivalent of hundreds of miles from a gallon of gas."  Efficient production of crops (requiring pesticides and fertilizers!) is exactly what the Green crowd does not want, and the use of land for energy production is an anathema to everything that Greens favor.  But thatís not the whole problem.  What could be efficient about growing anything, when chlorophyll can use only about 7% of the sunlight that illuminates the green leaves?  

And what, pray, is the meaning of "Ö biofuels will give us the equivalent of hundreds of miles from a gallon of gas"?  Only Bill Clintonís speech writers know.

But what can we expect of a president who makes self-congratulatory and delusional comments like: "My fellow Americans, we have crossed the bridge we built to the 21st century."  

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