Electricity in the US

Electrical usage in the U.S.:
growth since 1949

Changing patterns

The fastest growing sector of energy usage in the world is electricity.  In 1949, the US used 255 billion kilowatt-hours (0.92 exajoules).  By 1997, utility retail sales had jumped to 3120 billion kWh (11.2 EJ), a 12-fold increase. 

Industrial applications in 1949 accounted for 48% of consumption, but by 1997, residential applications (1072 b kWh), commercial applications (913 b kWh) and industrial applications (1036 b kWh) were all approximately equal.  (An additional 99 b kWh were used for street lighting and other incidental uses.)

Data from: Annual Energy Review 1997, (U.S. Energy Information Agency ODE/EIA-0384(97) )

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