Waterbeds Blowing in the Wind

Electricity for waterbeds and "other uses"
Wind generation can power 1/35th of it
The Energy Information Agency (EIA) notes that one fifth of the residential energy is used for "other uses" including VCRs, heating waterbeds, running microwave ovens, and other such stuff.  This "other use" is the fastest growing component of residential electricity use.  Presently, this amounts to 235 billion kWh per year.

With the additional 1600 MW of wind generation recently touted by Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, the total wind capacity in the US will be 2500 MW.  With a (generous) availability factor of 30%, wind should account for 6.6 billion kWh per year, about 1/35 of the energy required to run the "other use" applications.

Pleasant dreams!

(Information from Richard Hill, Old Town, ME)

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